API methods

This page describes existing API paths.

API consumes

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • application/json

API produces

  • application/json

API methods

GET / — Get API Info
GET /user — Get user info, limits & usage
POST /chains — Create new chain GET /chains — Get user's chains
GET /chains/:chainId — Get chain by Chain ID
GET /chains/:chainId/entries — Get chain entries GET /chains/:chainId/entries/first — Get first entry of chain GET /chains/:chainId/entries/last — Get last entry of chain
POST /chains/search — Search chains by external IDs POST /chains/:chainId/entries/search — Search entries of chain by external IDs
POST /entries — Create new entry in the chain GET /entries/:entryHash — Get entry by it's hash
POST /factomd/:method — Generic factom interface